Syousyuu-maru Deodorization by enzymatic reaction

"Syousyuu-marur" is an enzyme solution consisting of a safe plant enzyme group. It is colorless and odorless. As with existing products, it is not intended to cheat with fragrance or to treat it temporarily with a neutralizing agent.

Also, it is not a biological product using microorganisms.
Unlike biotechnology products, it decomposes the source of odors with a plant enzyme group which is not disturbed by temperature change.

How to use

It only blows the stuffy smell, place.
For example, if you smell a malodor in the refrigerator, spray it to that part. Spray on the pet's residence. Spray on the smell with smell of cigarette. You can remove it by spraying sweat and make-up smell attached to clothes.


No chemical substances are used.
We extract enzymes from plant extracts and add dozens of natural minerals to enhance their catalytic ability.
Although it is not drinking water, it is safe to enter the body.