cordyseps militaris

It has been considered valuable as a "top of all medicine" among Chinese royalty and privileged class people, it is expensive and unreachable for ordinary people.

The method of massive artificial cultivation of that Cordyceps sinensis is finally established. It has amazing power over natural summer grass collected in nature.

I think that Cordyceps sinensis has already been prized as a traditional herbal medicine since ancient times in China.

  • Originally, Cordyceps sinensis has been prized as a mushroom inhabiting the high mountains of China, but it has been considered very expensive and difficult to obtain.
    About several hundred kinds of Cordyceps sinensis have been found all over the world, and it seems that 2/3 of them are found in Japan.
  • However, it is said that it is the Cordyceps sinensis that can be taken from the pupa of silkworm that contains important muscled (Cordycepin) among the components of Cordyceps sinensis. In other words it is not an overstatement to say that the value of Cordyceps sinensis is determined by the content of neutral herbs.
  • Natural inhabitants are currently under the control of the Chinese government's military because of environmental change and overfishing, it seems that the current situation seems to be difficult to obtain due to protection policy and its amount is also problematic. In Japan we are trying to cultivate the test, but we succeeded in cultivating a large amount (200 thousand strains) by experience and research for many years, we can process it to dry powder already, and it is more than 20 ton a year as dry weight It is possible to ship. This is the world's first success. Natural products in China are almost depleted in recent years, and recently we have to rely on artifacts. In recent years, our products attached with an accurate ingredient analysis table in domestic Japanese have become required in China. It has passed since 16 years of cultivation, already many people drink and drink. Of course, because of the relationship of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, we currently offer it as a raw material for health supplements, but I am confident that it will be a raw material in the medical field in the very near future.

    Proof by XYZ theory

    XYZ active oxygen scavenging light emission theory (XYZ theory) is advocated by former Tohoku University emeritus professor, Professor Ichimu Okubo, the leading expert in active oxygen scavenging luminescence research.
    The XYZ theory makes a distinction from the conventional active oxygen scavenging theory, and the fact that it is highly evaluated that this theory is groundbreaking is that it demonstrates the theory using a CCD camera.
    Since active oxygen is unstable in electronic structure (unpaired electron) and has high energy, if it binds to other substances and loses its activity, it causes a light emission phenomenon in which the energy is released as light. Through its luminescence phenomenon, we will capture the reactive oxygen elimination reaction with a camera and visually demonstrate it to elucidate the active oxygen

    In other words, it captures light emission with a CCD camera and can identify the antioxidant capacity by the magnitude of its luminance number. Normally, the banana fruit powder which is regarded as good for the body is a little 500 (however, representative fruits are all 20 or less.), Growers cultivated in the mineral-rich soil of Okinawa even counted with self-confidence pumpkin Is about 600, but this Cordyceps sinensis counts up to 22,000 or more.
    Utilizing this XYZ theory, we reaffirmed that Cordyceps sinensis surpasses conventional antioxidant (anticancer) substances.