Ophiocordyceps sinensis(冬虫夏草)

It is a population cultivation product in Japan。



It is underground to the roof of the cultivation house. When this does not suffer damage for the typhoon, it is a policy to create the environment that is most suitable for the growth of the mushroom of the ant. I can cultivate a 1,200,000 bacteria floor in this house during from September to December for from March to June. The cultivation environment raising a mushroom is as follows.

□Activity temperature ... 13-25 ℃
□ germination temperature ... 20-22 degrees Celsius
□The light of the sun of the appropriate humidity ... 80-90 %
□ sunshine ... early morning is necessary
□Fresh atmosphere of the ventilation ... natural world is necessary

What is an XYZ theory?

As a mediator promoting removal catalytically in hydroGen donor, Z removing active oxygen in active oxygen, Y in X, XYZ interacts in vivo, and an XYZ theory is a theory to have a removal emission of light reaction of the active oxygen. Because I can measure the strength and weakness of the removal ability by measuring the emission of light strength, I attract attention in not only the field of medical care but also a health food and the cosmetics industry.
There is that the XYZ theory receives the evaluation that is high when this theory is epoch-making with a thing making a clear distinction from the conventional active oxygen removal theory at a point demonstrating a theory using a CCD camera.
When the active oxygen is combined with other materials by being charged with high energy unstable in electronic structure (non-pair electron) and loses activity, the energy wakes up an emission of light phenomenon released as light. I catch a removal reaction of the active oxygen with a camera through the emission of light phenomenon, and active oxygen removal mechanism is elucidated by demonstrating it visually.                            X = active oxygen free radical                                  Y = antioxidation material high mud diene donor (I attack active oxygen)             Z = derivative mediator (I help an antioxidant material)

I promote an organization and the adipose oxidation in the body, and the active oxygen is a trigger to cause the canceration of aging and the cell. A new theory about this active oxygen removal action "is the XYZ theory" of the topic recently (active oxygen removal emission of light theory). When we utilized this XYZ theory, and "the mushroom of the ant" surpassed a conventional antioxidant (anticancer) material, we realized it again.
In other words it is the reason that I catch the emission of light with a CCD camera, and can distinguish antioxidant ability in big things and small things of the number of the brightness.
The banana fruit powder which is usually told to be good for the health just a little over 500 (but all the representative fruit is less than 20.) A cultivator brought up in the mineral-rich soil of Okinawa is a full of confidence pumpkin, and only just a little over 600 are counted, but this this is the best and counts higher than 22,000.