Pond mate

It is a landlocked body of water environment reconstruction agent.


Usage and good point

"Pond mate" is a mixture comprised of a mineral and a microbe, a fermentation plant.
I shut in these powders mixtures in a bag of the PVA like an image in the left and throw it in to the target landlocked body of water such as the left-hand figure. The bag of the PVA is cast underwater and begins to melt promptly.
The microbe group of the powders mixtures of "the pound mate" begins metabolism activity underwater.
I will understand underwater nourishment bases contributing eutrophic for life by this metabolism activity.
Ability understanding this nourishment bases for life is ability for purification of the landlocked body of water.
The material raising underwater dissolved O2 is included in the composition of "the pound mate", but recommends that I raise oxygen content of water in moving water with water pumps to raise biological decomposition ability more or installing a microbubble device.



assume that I spend one bag of "pound mate" for water capacity 1-5t of a landlocked body of water targeted for the purification basics.
or spend one bag of "pond mate" for 1 area of the landlocked body of water square meter