eco-booth bio Liq.

"Eco-booth bio liquid" is the bio liquid that is main with raw materials and the enzyme which did it only with the naturally derived material including the microbe enzyme, plant enzyme, mineral kind, humus material.

strong point

●A bad smell decreases sharply.
● belonging to such as the screen backs decreases sharply.
●Dirts such as a motor, the plumbing are reduced.
●Sludge collection becomes easy.
●Cleaning time is shortened.
●The booth water is available continuously without discarding it.
●Quantity of sludge decreases.
in other words
Booth cleaning becomes easy, and collection sludge decreases andcontributes to the decrease in waste disposal treatment expense, improvement of the workplace environment.

Sludge just after the bioliquid        Sludge one month after the bioliquid injection
Than one of sludge for degradation・Decrease

The catalytic action of the enzyme group increases if I raise DO (oxygen content of water).

If a water curtain works appropriately, I do not have any problem.A necessary condition to enhance a biological decomposition effect of "eco-booth bio liquid" is to raise a thing, oxygen content of water to move circulation water.It increases contact opportunities with sludge and the thinner which is enzyme group and a purpose material which were immobilized by moving it and raises an enzymatic reaction effect taking off the combination. And the enzymatic reaction does not advance without oxygen like lower (the resolution of methanol).
    2CH3OH + 3O2
           → 2CO2 + 4H2O
In addition, the enzyme group is an amino acid after all. The enzyme group is broken with in progress of the time or an environmental change. Therefore the additional supplement of the bioliquid in the every other week becomes required in "the eco-booth", and this becomes the expendable supplies.
the early days: In circulation water 1t in 1 liter,                        every other week :0.5 liters of supplement per 1t

eco-booth bio powder
It is a thing with ecobooth bio Liq. as powders.

the early days: In circulation water 1t in 1bag,                        every other week :0.5bag of supplement per 1t

\3,000/[tax-not included]