Actinoba - Compost fermentation Agent

Complete compost with thorough aerobic fermentation!

In the case of dairy cattle manure (When manure is mixed, solid-liquid separation is necessary!

(Aim for water content of 70%.)

【Prerequisite】 * Moisture content of milked cow dung (after solid-liquid separation) is 85% * Set the target moisture percentage after mixing the auger powder to 70%.

● Sawdust input amount

Sawdust 280 ~ 300 kg for 1 ton of cow dung

● "Actinoba" added amount

Dilute 500 to 800 ml of "Actinoba" to 50 to 100 times against the weight of 1,300 kg of the above mixture and spray and mix.

Hereafter, after half a year, the input amount of "Actinoba" is sufficient from 300 to 500 ml, taking into account the use of handling.

● Breakthrough and Estimated Fermentation Period
9 times 7 days = 63 days
Agitation fermentation 30 to 40 days
A total of about 100 to 110 days